Aged & Disability Support Services

Aged and Disability Support Services provides information and a range of supports and services to assist individuals, carers and families.


Supports for children with a disability (0-17)

Children need to play and have fun. There is always something exciting happening with our Interchange activities to interest all.

We can help you identify options available for you and your child, and assist in arranging additional supports.

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Supports for adults with a disability (18-65)

Participation, learning new skills and promoting independence are important.

We can assist with information about what’s available and look at options that support you and your family in working towards your individual needs, interests, and goals.

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Supports for people who are over 65, and people with dementia

From time to time, older people and their families/carers may need some extra help and support.

We can assist you and you family/carer in accessing a range of innovative and timely respite and individualised support options.

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UMFC acknowledges the support of the Victorian and the Australian Governments

Commitment to Child Safety

All children and young people who access UMFC Services have a right to feel and be safe and to be treated with respect. We are committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment and working towards the best interests of children and young people at all times.