Supports for adults with a disability (18-65)

Interchange and Support Options can assist with:

Contact Support Options or Interchange on (03) 5720 0000 or (02) 6055 8000

Support Coordination and Planning

Support Options are able to provide time limited support coordination with adults with a disability and their families/carers.

Support Coordination could include:

  • Helping you to identify, link with and organise the supports needed to achieve your goals
  • Assisting you to plan for now and into the future
  • Providing you and your family/carers with the information and tools needed to enable you to live as independently as possible
  • Helping you to access services such as:
    • Recreation and leisure
    • Getting out and about in your local community
    • Education and employment
    • Health and wellbeing
  • Short and medium term support based on your needs and/or flexible funding
  • Having time out or having a break (respite)
  • A flexible and responsive service including phone and face to face contact 

Respite supports

Support Options can provide:

  • Planning of regular respite to help reduce stress, restore  energy and support your relationship(s)
  • Respite choices based on your individual needs
  • Information and referral to health, disability and other community services

Flexible funding for respite and other individual supports

Support Options may (via Community Based Respite and Flexible Support Package funding) fund towards supports including:

  • Supports based on your individual needs, circumstances, and your additional requirements pertaining to your disability related needs
  • In home and out of home support including respite
  • Aids and equipment to enhance independence
  • Individualised supports from a provider of your choice.

This service is episodic and time limited. This means that support coordination and/or flexible funding will end when your goals have been met or you no longer require support. If this changes after your involvement with Support Options has ceased, you can always call in to make a new request for service.

Individual Flexible Support

The UMFC Interchange program is able to provide individually tailored respite and support services through its purchasable service model. Purchased services are not restricted to geographic boundaries and may be accessed by an individual meeting the disability requirements. Interchange staff work directly with individuals, their family/carers and supports to identify individual requirements and plan a support package.

Service support is flexible and ranges from in home support to recreational based care. Consistency of carers and an individualised flexible approach are key components of this service.

Examples of this care have been: day outings to enjoying activities specific to an individual’s interests, support to undertake holiday experiences, or morning support to get an individual ready and transported to their day activities.

Agencies may purchase these services on behalf of individuals and families.

Hospital to Home

Following discharge from a private hospital, the Hospital to Home program at Support Options can assist with arranging short term support services for people who are aged 65 and over, have dementia or a disability. The support may include short term funding for:

  • Home care
  • Personal care
  • Respite care
  • Property maintenance

Social Connections

For young adults with ASD

Interchange runs a monthly social group on a Friday evening for young adults with autism to get together and build social networks. Social skills and connections are promoted through a games based evening. The group runs from 5.30pm with a light meal included.

Costs for these services are available on application.

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Commitment to Child Safety

All children and young people who access UMFC Services have a right to feel and be safe and to be treated with respect. We are committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment and working towards the best interests of children and young people at all times.