Get a group together and plan a fundraising event for UMFC.

Whether it be a workplace, community, or sporting group or as part of a larger event, we’d love to have your fundraising support. Every little bit helps add to our support for children and young people in our community. For more information talk to our sponsorship team today.

Fundraising Ideas

Team Breakfast
Host a corporate team breakfast bringing colleagues together while raising funds for UMFC. This initiative fosters team spirit and demonstrates your company’s commitment to it’s community.

Bake a Cake Day
Showcase your baking talents while raising funds for UMFC. A stall to sell delicious baked treats in the community is a sweet event helping to making a difference in the lives of those in need.

Corporate Morning Tea
Come together over tea, coffee and snacks with a donation that supports families in need. Increase your teams esprit de corps while making a meaningful impact through charitable giving.

Raffle Drive
A raffle is a great way to engage the community with ticket sales generating funds for UMFC. Seek out local businesses and corporates for donations of goods, experiences or funds in order to purchase your prize selection.

Art Show
Host a charity art exhibition and auction where local artists can showcase their work while raising funds for UMFC through the sale of art pieces. Celebrate creativity and the appreciation of art.

Community Challenges
Community Challenges like a sporting event, trivia night or scavenger hunt are an engaging way for people to come together with entry fees or donations collected to support UMFC.


Contact our sponsorship team today for advice on how you can support UMFC through your fundraising effort.

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