Encouraging resolution through child-centred approaches

The Family Relationship Centre (FRC) offers a range of services to assist families affected by separation to develop child-focused parenting arrangements in the best interests of any children involved. Families are supported to explore their circumstances and issues related to parenting or financial arrangements through the process of mediation referred to as Family Dispute Resolution (FDR).

FDR involves a child-focused approach and is an effective alternative way to resolve disputes rather than attending court. FDR and Property Dispute Resolution (PDR) are cost effective and can help to reduce the conflict experienced by children in separated families.

Families can also access our Regional Family Dispute Resolution (RFDR) program to be supported with dispute resolution, family counselling, education and the development of parenting plans.


What does a Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner (FDRP) do?

An FDRP is an independent person who can assist people to discuss issues, look at options and explore how agreements can be reached when there is a dispute about children or property.

FDRP’s do not take sides and can guide parents through safe discussions to ensure all parties voices are heard in order to assist mutual understanding and the development of agreements and parenting plans.

FDRP’s assist people to focus on the needs of their children so that any arrangements can be made in their best interests. Internal and external referrals for any additional supports/services for families can be facilitated in consultation with those involved.

Children’s thoughts, feelings, needs and experiences are important and always considered during FDR.  Depending on a family’s circumstances, there may be the opportunity for child inclusive processes to allow the children to express their views for the parents to consider when making decisions and arrangements for them.

The safety of all parties and children is a priority at the FRC. Parties are encouraged to discuss any concerns with our team and all parties have the opportunity to seek legal advice at any stage before or during any of our FDR services.

Please be aware that there may be a waitlist for Family Dispute Resolution.

Strengthening family relationships
Helping families stay together
Assisting families through separation

Is Family Dispute Resolution Compulsory?
It is compulsory under Australian family law for separated parents to attempt Family Dispute Resolution before applying to a family law court for parenting orders, however exceptions do apply. For more information please seek legal advice and visit the Family Relationship Centre website

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You can learn more about Australia’s family law system on the website of the Attorney-General’s Department

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