Victorian and Aboriginal Family Preservation and Reunification Response (VAFPRR) Community Connector Program.

UMFC’s VAFPRR Community Connector Practitioners work with children and young people from families who are currently engaged with the VAFPRR Program.

We work with children and young people to support improved mental health and change around their use of violence. We also create ongoing connections for children and young people with community organisations such as education, sport, arts and adventure.

UMFC walk alongside children, young people and families to achieve positive outcomes and sustainable change.

Community Connector

The Community Connector works alongside young people and their families to support the reunification or preservation of the family unit whilst giving them the tools and opportunity of self determination. Community Connector offers the following support:

  • Positive family relationships
  • Development of social & communication skills
  • Body safety
  • Respectful relationships
  • Self regulation techniques
  • School engagement
  • Counselling & mental health support engagement
  • Engagement with health services
  • Engagement in community

All while ensuring the caregiver relationship with the parents/carers is maintained or developed between the children and young people and their primary carers.