The Care Services program provides support for vulnerable children and young people by ensuring they are provided with a care arrangement which considers their individual circumstances and diverse needs.

These children and young people may be in foster care, kinship or kith placements. Care Services programs work with children or young people who have had adverse life experiences and require additional support when they are in a care arrangement. Utilising the expertise of our qualified case management practitioners we work collaboratively with the child or young person, families, carers and services to ensure they are supported to reach their full potential whilst in home-based care

Care Services

UMFC’s Care Services program ranges from general to intensive support for children and young people who are unable to live with their parents. The programs include foster care, kinship care and carer management and support. UMFC Care Services programs are the only local home-based care organisation across Ovens Murray. We are able to provide local support to children, young people and their carers with experienced and caring practitioners who are committed to safety and stability for children.

Interested in becoming a carer?

UMFC is looking for people from all walks of life to become foster parents.

Meet Emily and Blake – Foster Carers

“What makes a great carer? Be kind and caring and playful. To be able to provide a home and a room for these kids. The right attitude and generosity to be able to look after these kids”

– Emily, Foster Carer