Assisting separated families experiencing high levels of conflict.

The Parenting Orders Program – Post Separation Co-operative Parenting (POP) assists separated or divorced parents who are experiencing difficulties in resolving or managing conflict, which arise over parenting arrangements for their children.

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What is POP?
The Parenting Orders Program (POP) remains objective and neutral, to ensure that the voice of both parents is heard in planning and decision making. The child is the ‘primary client’, the child’s best interests are the paramount concern and will always be taken into consideration.

Initially, your family will work with a Family Counsellor in a child-inclusive way to develop a case plan that is tailored to each family’s specific requirements.

Case plans may include a combination of:
• Building Better Bridges – a group workshop environment for parents
• Jigsaw – a group workshop environment for children
• Family Counselling sessions

The objectives
• Improve the management of relationship difficulties by separated or divorced families.
• Facilitate children’s contact and relationships with both parents in a manner which encourages consideration of what is in the child’s best interests while ensuring the safety of all parties.
• Reduce the adversarial nature of family disputes so that there is less use made of the Family Courts or other legal processes.

Seeking further support following separation?

Join one of our upcoming parenting groups, children’s groups or access family counselling through the Parenting Orders Programs

Parenting Orders Program FAQ

The JIGSAW children’s group provides assistance & support to children of separated families, where they are able to interact with other children from similar situations.

Relevant themes are explored through play & activities which include:

  • Exploring & acknowledging a range of feelings
  • Exploring a variety of coping skills & problem solving steps
  • Exploring & acknowledging the changes in their lives
  • Accessing own strengths & identifying future dreams & hopes.

*for children aged 6- 11 years.

Quotes from the parents of children who have attended:

“My child is less reserved when visiting me on the weekend, and isn’t as angry anymore”

“My child feels better knowing that there are other children in similar situations

Building Better Bridges (BBB) is an educational group which offers separated parents the opportunity to share experiences and receive support from other parents in similar situations.

Topics covered in this group are aimed at parents experiencing high conflict in regard to parenting arrangements, either with or without Family Law Court involvement. These include:

  • Child development & the impact of ongoing conflict
  • Conflict resolution & problem solving
  • Effective communication post separation
  • Stress management & taking care of yourself.

Flexible options are available in Albury, Wangaratta or surrounds areas.

Family Counselling is offered for post-separated families as part of our Parenting Orders Program

Family Counselling can help families:

  • Manage conflict and support parents in working together in the best interest of the child/children.
  • Work with the family as a whole or individually to discuss challenges and work towards a positive outcome.
  • Promote effective communication, stress management, and understanding the experience of separation for the young people in the family.
  • Create a plan for next steps and moving forward, which we will revisit as we work towards your goals.
  • Make referrals to relevant services provided to families seeking therapeutic support for life challenges beyond those related to separation.
  • Understand the effect that ongoing conflict can have on their children
  • Support children through the separation process

Counselling can be delivered in person, via phone or video.


Please contact our central intake on (02) 6057 5399 if you have further queries or would like to register for any of the Parenting Orders Program services.
You can also email us below. 

Privacy and Confidentiality
Everything you discuss with a Family Counsellor is confidential and not admissible in Court.
At your initial appointment the Family Counsellor will discuss this with you in detail and ensure your understanding in writing

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