Supporting families through their journey towards growth and connection

At Upper Murray Family Care (UMFC), we value all families and their unique qualities and stories. We do not define family; we support your family as defined by you.

Adapting therapy to varying needs and scenarios
The UMFC Family Therapy team consists of therapeutic professionals from various backgrounds all with further experience working with families and the broader social support system. They seek to walk alongside individuals and their families to achieve positive wellbeing, healthy relationships and sustainable change.

We provide a safe environment to build stronger and more positive connections and relationships with family and the wider community.

UMFC offers two therapy service streams; single-session family therapy and ongoing family therapy. Single session family therapy recognises that families generally find one session is sufficient to meet their needs. Therapists approach each session as if it will be the only session, aiming to make the most of the time shared. Ongoing family therapy may be a beneficial option after experiencing single-session therapy and can be supported by your counsellor

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At UMFC, we do not define family; we support your family as defined by you.

Making Referrals

You or a service supporting you, can request and submit a referral form via our email, or call 02 6055 8000 for further details. Referrals to the family therapy program will incur a fee.



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